Nation Business Builders’ mission is to service the Black Community in every area to obtain self sufficiency such as:

  • ECONOMICS:   Building a business class through entrepreneurialism and group economics (Ujamaa).
  • HEALTHCARE:  Building holistic healthcare facilities specializing in the Black biology of melanin dominant people.
  • EDUCATION:    Building educational institutions dedicated to bringing out the natural gifts and talents of Black Aboriginal people to full-fill the specific and unique needs of Black people.
  • AGRICULTURE:  Acquiring land to engage in farming practices compatible to the organic nature of Aboriginal Black people.
  • POLITICS:    Practicing autonomy, constructing legislation, by laws and a constitution to righteously govern Aboriginal Black people according to the universal laws of nature.
  • SPIRITUALITY:   Removing the blockages to tap into the divine nature of Aboriginal Black people by exploring their sacred connection to nature, the planet, and the cosmos, which are only an extension of themselves.